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Miami Gardens Heat Pump Repair

Miami Gardens Heat Pumps are one of the best ways to heat or air condition your Miami Gardens home or office. When you need a heat pump serviced, installed or replaced we are the company to call. All of our techs are professional and friendly. We focus on continuing training in both customer service and repair techniques. So when you need the best service for the best prices we are the guys to get a hold of.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair

We all know sometimes things go wrong at the worst times. That is when it is most important to have a company you can count on. So don’t get left in the lurch. Trust us first, and you won’t have to trust someone else second. We always bring our A game to your Miami Gardens emergency air conditioning repair calls. You will not see any second rate heat pump repair men, because we know that when there is an emergency you cant wait for that one best employee to get it right. You have to rely on your entire team.

How a Miami Gardens Heat Pump Works

Miami Gardens is one of the best places to use a heat pump. This is mostly due to how they work. Heat pumps are most efficient when there is heat present in the air, because they do not work like a Miami Gardens furnace. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but 50 degrees, plus, is usually ideal operating temperatures. You see, heat pumps work off the same principle that makes air conditioning so great. That is evaporation.
It can work in both directions in the pumps case. So when you want to heat your home it takes cool air inside and transfers it to a liquid (usually freon) This cool stuff is then compressed into a liquid. The excess heat is then sent back into the home to heat it up while the liquid is allowed to evaporate, gathering more heat. This is a cycle that repeats until the desired temperature is reached.

Air As A Sponge

Think of the air as a sponge and water as heat. There is a certain amount of water that is naturally inside it. When you squeeze that out it tries to fill it back up. The heat pump heats and cools your home based on where the sponge is aloud to drain and fill back up. so when you need heat pump, or Miami Gardens air conditioning repair, we will be there if you only pick up the phone and dial our number. We are always ready to give your Miami Gardens heat pump our full attention and best work.